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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The process and how to help

Here's how I'm going to put out the revised and license-friendly Kitchen Sink 1.1.2:
  1. Update a list spreadsheet of included software that now has a list of licenses and the respective web site where source code can be reasonably found (e.g. Audacity would be "Audacity  ,  GPL  ,  http://audacity.sf.net").
  2. Put the spreadsheet in the collection so there's a local copy on everyone's computer.
  3. Put links to information on the BSD, MPL, FDL, LGPL, GPL v2 and v3 licenses inside the README.TXT file just in case I accidentally delete the individual notice included in the software.
Hopefully that's a good-faith effort enough to be able to distribute these programs; its important that software owners don't feel exploited or ignored.

If you'd like to help out in this process, I can send you an invite to edit the document directly through Google Docs, or you can just download the spreadsheet, fill in the values, and email them to me.  Its boring data entry, but there's no way around it.

I'm disappointed that this process is going to find a lot of programs that -- like Firefox -- are not redistributable.  Not much of a "Kitchen Sink" at that point.

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