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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Move to MediaWiki and apology

As Kitchen Sink has increasingly become a Documentation project rather than a software project, I'm moving away from Google Docs.  Instead I've moved the whole project over to MediaWiki on Sourceforge:
This was partly spurred by problems giving people interested in helping out something to do and also because I found an HTML to Wiki conversion tool.  Although I was annoyed that you have to be logged on to edit the sourceforge wiki, I suppose that will avoid problems with spam.

Also, I would also like to apologize for the recent political link posted here: its presence was purely by accident and this is not a forum for my views.  I am very interested in the Kitchen Sink transcending that sort of thing.


guinness said...

will signup today :) thanks for the publiity

guinness said...

that was meant to be publicity

Folding Home said...

No problem -- the wiki thing is working out beautifully so I'm a lot more able to just add stuff I feel like adding without worrying about a super careful organization.

I missed these things.