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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to help

A few people have asked now so I thought I'd put out a todo list.  If anyone can help me with any of this, I'd appreciate it:

High priority / key stuff:
  • Help fill out this spreadsheet listing licenses and homepage / source code.
  • Discover if we need to remove programs or ask the author for permission if they don't allow for redistribution.

Other help:
  • Help develop the wiki over at SourceForge.  Just general updates and improvement.  Once they've matured I'll remove the Google Docs pages that make up the current documentation.  Note: I may need to add you as an editor -- can't seem to fix those permissions to allow just any SourceForge user.
  • Send ideas, feature, and program suggestions.  It might take a while, but I always read those carefully.
  • Contribute ideas and bring power over at PFC Forums -- their work impacts this project more than any other.

Wish list / low priority:
  • Everything from the Roadmap page
  • Help me put together something to download and auto-install programs (such as windows scripting tool Auto-It).  That way, I can just allow users to get programs that prohibit redistribution from legit sources.
  • Develop a Secure Add-On Collection to share Kitchen Sink's Firefox security settings with everyone.

(I apologize to Guiness who left some comments and are no longer there.  Please re-post if you can.)


guinness said...

what happened?

Folding Home said...

I was testing something got a little excited with the "delete" function and blogger doesn't have an "trash" -- it goes straight into oblivion.

Anyway, you should have access to the wiki now.