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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Release delay: waiting for torrent

Help! If you run ANYTHING except 32-bit WinXP (64bit XP, Vista, 2K, WINE, ReactOS, etc.), please join the mailing list. I need people to test stuff.

So I've found someone to seed the torrent file so that will happen this weekend. Looking forward to getting the maintenance release posted. Its contents:
  1. Brought up to speed with current stuff on portablefreeware.com
  2. Fixed (I think) startkitchensink.exe path problem (thanks to m^(2)) as well as extras.exe so that Hotkeyz starts up minimized.
  3. Fixed the autorun.inf file
  4. Some minor internal issues, a few more language files deleted.
  5. Minor cafe.ini file fixes
  6. Figured out new Hotkeyz version out, even before PFW so I included that.
  7. Filezilla extras files cleanup
  8. Reinstalled Abiword, which was acting oddly, as well as PeerGuardian
  9. Pulled out PortBlocker -- my initial tests on it were very positive but I just don't think anyone will use it. Its also not very portable and very old.
Mostly this time has been spent testing out the program on a fresh copy of Windows. This will be the process before release from now on due to the lengthy problems with OpenOffice caused by my OS. Also need to find someone with Win2K and Vista to test them.

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