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Thursday, March 26, 2009

QJot fix

QJot is the Kitchen Sink's WordPad replacement, but the text by default looks nothing like WordPad -- who's text size I sort of like. Here's how to change it:
  1. Go into the "qjot" directory inside the Kitchen Sink archive
  2. Edit QJot.ini using any text editor (including one of several in the archive)
  3. Change "FontSize=8" to "FontSize=10". If you have a high monitor resolution, you may want to increase this to 12 or even 14.
  4. For a more text editor look, you can change "FontName=Arial" to "FontName=Courier New"
Future releases will have the font size set to 10.

Note that I set up CAFE to open "docpad" files using this program. So if you name a file with a ".docpad" ending, it will automatically come up in QJot. Other files, for compatibility, come up in OpenOffice.

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