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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I recently went through and looked at some competing projects.  At first I was really stunned and disheartened by the fact that my project is by no means unique, but gradually realized that Kitchen Sink has a real place at the table.

Some of the best criticism for my project came from this five star review of a similar project, winPenPack:
  • Multiple licenses, some of them only for personal use, meaning giving it to your employees isn't quite legal.  Worse than PenPack, I haven't spelled out which programs have which licenses.
  • Apps for almost every need but varying quality and usefulness.
  • Not much of a way to customize beyond deleting the directory and PStart icon.  Not difficult but by no means smooth.
  • Only a few of these programs are daily use -- the others are "niche" or "occasional"
  • There's some "fat" and repetition of uses on my program too and this stung to read: "there is no need for 3 calendar programs".  I would contend that there is but the reviewer has a point.

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