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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Changes to Firefox - Secure

Still considering adding WoT (Web of Trust), but for right now here are some updates:
  • Set the homepage to Scroogle (https://ssl.scroogle.org/) ... not as pretty, but much more secure.
  • Added firefox plugins:
    • Locationbar2 - really simple anti-phishing trick
    • BetterPrivacy - an advanced cookie cleaner
    • Panic Button - quickly minimize firefox to help prevent shoulder-surfing.  Set the icon to something that looks like a minimize button, which seemed to make more sense.
  • For simplicity, I put up the "temporarily allow this page" button up for the NoScript plugin.  This allows users to -- if they decide they trust a page -- to allow the website to fully render.
  • Just for consistency put the Adblock Plus (for disabling ads) and TorButton (for anonymous browsing) in the top bar as well.

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