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Monday, June 1, 2009

FastStone Image Viewer

Increasingly annoyed with XnView on my laptop keyboard so I've switched over to FastStone, also included in the Kitchen Sink. So far a lot happier, although the number of images supported are TINY by comparison (see below). I'm tempted to just deal with XnView so I don't confuse users but usability is far better:
  • Prefer its image editing tools to shrink stuff for email as well as other effects.
  • Keyboard shortcut settings are far better
  • The right-click zoom in is SO convenient

Other config changes to adapt the software to my preferences:
  • Was able to turn off the green text description up at the top so I turned that off. "Settings - Viewer - Show filename in Full Screen - Text"
  • Setup MS Paint as an editor. This will probably only work for Windows XP and 2000 as the location for that software likely changes on other Windows versions.
  • Also turned on "Smooth" in the same area to "before shown" just because it looks a lot cleaner.
  • Increased default Thumbnail size.
  • Here are the CAFE settings to switch over to FSV.

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