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  • What is this? - this was a project dedicated to building an up-to-date collection of great, free portable software for easy installation and use.
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

List of preferences in software

  1. Critical features - grammar checking and dvd burning are still things you can't quite get for free. This is why I have Microsoft Word and Nero on my computer.
  2. Free (as in no cost) and can share openly
  3. Portable - runs on flash drive, no installation (this is #3 because if its portable and not free, I don't care)
  4. Quality - good usability, visually clean, internally organized, low memory footprint
  5. Amount of features - does a lot of stuff
  6. Free (as in freedom) / open source - GPL, LGPL, Creative Commons, etc. Anything in which the owner releases control of the software to the public. No weird, cryptic license agreements.
  7. Ethical company (# 6 is part of this, but better establishes it)
  8. Cross Platform but must run on Windows
I'm extremely available to working with Java programs but the current status of that on PortableFreeware is a no-no. I'm going to trust their judgment and wait.

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