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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cleanup process explained

A quick look at the process I use to find and remove bad or useless files.

  • LNG files, *LANG* files
  • ital, span, fren, russ, etc.
  • Everything with "unins" or "uninstall" (EXCEPT "/NexusFont2/uninstalled"),
  • All "AppInfo" folders
  • Entire folder: \7-ZipPortable\App\7-Zip\lang, \ReNamer\Translits, \httrack\src, \httrack\src-win, AppInfo
  • Non-english: \antmoviecatalog\Languages, \EasyCleaner\Languages, \ReNamer\Translits, \EasyCleaner\Helps, \httrack\lang

Still trying to figure out a way to consolidate and then remove redundant DLL files.

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