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Monday, April 19, 2010

Update Kitchen Sink and keep settings?

Someone posted about this and here's my best answer:

I don't know of a way to do that for sure, no.  There are many programs and many different ways of saving one's settings.  Remember however that portable programs have the great talent for running alongside old versions of themselves.  You can keep your settings and still run the latest version.

That said, some of the included programs will neatly sync to the old version and won't interfere with saved settings.  Unfortunately, programs like FileZilla for example require that you have a very specific file: fzdefaults.xml to behave as portable.  This is also where other settings (such as FTP sites) also save setting so overwriting it with the latest version means you'll lose that information.

Here's the best (admittedly not great) way to do it:
  1. Back up programs you use frequently (or the entire archive) whose settings you don't want to lose.
  2. Run FreeFileSync (included in the latest version)
  3. Compare folders between the old kitchen sink and the new kitchen sink
  4. Right-click on files that look like they might contain settings usually with names like "ini" files and "settings" .  Chose "Exclude temporarily"
The updating process is a big problem in software that only programs like Firefox and Thunderbird are so far able to address.

Anyone have suggestions?

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