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Thursday, February 19, 2009

CAFE config files for XnView

Two programs I've been working with include XnView and CAFE.

CAFE is an associations manager, which is a funny way of saying that when you double-click a file it opens a program to use that file. For example, Microsoft Word opening .DOC files. But lets say you don't like Microsoft Word and want DOC files to open with your editor -- but not perminantly.

CAFE uses a config file (cafe.ini) to manage itself. Well, I set up my previous version of Kitchen Sink with this config file but the latest version doesn't really use Irfanview, which I decided I don't like as my primary viewer.

However, for those of you that *really* like XnView, here's a config file to make CAFE open up everything that XnView can view with XnView.

Maybe someone will find a use for that.

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