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Friday, May 21, 2010

Status update and fix

Note!  Found a bug in my config for the Sylpheed e-mail client.  See the "how to extract" part of the official portablefreeware entry.  Create a "Profile" directory and add the " --configdir profile" to the "command line parameters" portion of the PStart menu.

The next version of Kitchen Sink is coming up rapidly.  After more than 100 changes, I've admittedly lost track.  Expecting the next release in the next few weeks, which falls against my monthly release date plans.

Additionally, a source code web site should be available in the next few weeks that will contain a huge archive of all the source for all the included software.  I also hope to have a wiki online soon to help encourage participation beyond the portablefreeware.com forums.


guinness said...

Excellent! Have you thought about upgrading the Launcher from a compiled batch to the AutoIt example I gave you.

Folding Home said...

I had almost forgotten! Thank you for the reminder and thanks for your post.

I'll take a look and post soon about that.

kitchenguy said...

Ha Ha I expected this blog to be about kitchens; I have no idea what you are talking about! LOL :)

Folding Home said...


Well, there are some tools in the collection that are like plumbing for your computer. Stuff gets clogged and there are bottlenecks on your compy too ;)

Mark said...

Willing to help consolidate all of Kitchen Sink, blog, wiki, DL locations to one site.