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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Notetab ++ Customizations

I have absolutely fallen in love with this program. So simple and easy to use and scalable (in terms of what you might want from a text editor) without overwhelming you with features and gadgetry.  Saves everything as simple text documents, which is unsurprisingly the most portable format in existence.

Here's some things I did to make it better.

Theme of choice: Zenburn (shown below) - easily the most readable and clear theme.

How to enable:  Settings - Style Configurator - Select Theme - Zenburn

Lots of tabs?  Multi-line.  This lets me have all my tabs visible at all times.  If you have 20+ tabs, this can get messy, but for the 10 or so tabs I have this is beautiful.  To enable: Settings - Preferences - General tab - Multi-line checkbox

(screencap and preferences box below)

Frequent backups.  This takes up a LOT of space, but its fantastic to have absolutely every last edit you've made available to you.  To enable: Settings - Preferences - Backup/Auto-Completion tab - Verbose Backup


Dave Boltman said...

Presumably that's NotePAD++ not NoteTAB++?
Was hoping it was something different, but alas, the same :)

Folding Home said...

Gah! Yes, thank you for pointing that out.