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Monday, July 27, 2009

Encrypting Kitchen Sink (part 2)

Rohos comes recommended, bringing some smooth and easy security. You're stuck with 2 gig volumes, but that's fine for Kitchen Sink; most external devices run the FAT32 filesystem, which has problems with files larger than 2 gigs.

Additionally, I'm going to start testing FreeOTFE, as it doesn't require admin rights, unlike my TrueCrypt Howto.


guinness said...

i sent you a message on PW with an Autoit Script for Kitchen Sink did you get it?

guinness said...

i have it on my usb drive but never use it, the only difference i can see is there is an explorer like the redundant tcexplorer, seems you still need admin rights if you want to run as a virtual drive

Folding Home said...

I did -- replying ...

Folding Home said...

> seems you still need admin rights

Yeah, OTFE is looking SO much better right now.