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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recent Kitchen Sink support experiences

All the following programs are readily available in the Kitchen Sink.  I'm merely linking to their original sites for reference.
  • Revo Uninstaller - the real star of the Support tools category, this program did an amazing job of pulling several notoriously hard to remove AOL programs off a very old computer.  I love this program.
  • StartUpLite - probably the best program in the Portable Freeware archive simply because of the memory and processor cycles saved over time.  For me, its just nice to have clear explanations behind a program that wants to remove auto-starting programs.  Has saved me huge time and effort researching weird programs I find on user machines.  I hope the authors keep up this excellent program.  A less descriptive but still cool program is of course Startup Control Panel.
  • MV Registry Clean - Extensive testing of this program over time has just caused problems so I'm actively looking for another registry cleaner program that's not so destructive.  EasyCleaner has a regcleaner tool, as does CCleaner although I haven't tested them as thoroughly.  CCleaner has a fantastic reputation so that's probably going to be my #2.

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